Learn to Scuba Dive

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events in melbourneScuba diving is one of the most adventurous things for you to do. But becoming a scuba diver is not an easy task. It requires legal clearance and lots of practice. This is mainly because you will in deep sea and your safety is of utmost importance. It also needs a lot of gear which is a bit pricy but can be afforded. These following steps will give you a brief idea of how you can be a professional scuba diver.

Age Qualification

The first and foremost thing that a person should be qualified to be a scuba diver is the age. You should be at least 12 years old to be a scuba diver. But children who are younger than 12 can attended training sessions and apply for scuba diving for when they are of age. These training programs will be conducted in a safe environment.

Fitness Qualification

Scuba diving involves a lot of swimming which will require you to be in top shape. So qualifying in good physical fitness is of utmost importance. There are many professionals which can determine your fitness level and if you under the needed level help you get to the necessary level.

Finding a tutor

There are many locations that you will be able to learn scuba diving. You will need to attend a few classes in order to learn about the craft properly. You should find someplace that will be convenient for you. You will be initially put in a pool before they allow you to go into deep sea swims. You will be able to find out a tutor that will cater to your needs that are one good thing about scuba diving.

Find out how much you will need to spend

There are places that may rob you of your money. So keep in mind for the price. There are many places that will charge a flat rate until you finish your program while there are other places which will charge in an incremental manner. Make sure you find out about the program and how much time you will be spending in open water.

Check out what gear you will need

Make sure you find out about the gear you will need for the program or whether they are being provided to you. These gear is a bit expensive and makes sure that you will be continuing the sport before you buy them.

Pass the necessary waterman tests

You will need to pass a few tests before being a scuba diver like swimming for 200 yards and floating for 10 minutes. There is also an option for you to swim with fins and snorkel but that will require you to swim for 300 yards.

Take care of the legal necessities

There are a few legal issues you will have to finish up before being a scuba diver. You will have to abide by some rule and regulations of the WRSTC or the ISSDC if not you can be charged for being an unqualified scuba diver.

Read about scuba diving

Even though scuba diving is an active sport you can learn a lot for reading and will be able to give you a lot of insight to scuba diving.

Practice makes perfect

Practising is of key importance. You cannot get good at something without practice. You can practice in a pool or a confined water area before going into open waters.

Pass the exams and get the certification

This is the final step you will have to do in order to be a scuba diver. When you pass the exams that you have you can be able to scuba dive in open waters without any problem.

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